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    Denise Loke, LSW – Director


    Sarah Stanton, Owner

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Exercise Programs

Fitness is an important part of our program. We have developed our exercise classes to be both fun and beneficial, while at the same timeable to be tailored to your individual abilities.



  • Zumba Gold: One of the newest aerobic dance routines designed for beginners and participants with physical limitations

  • Aerobics Group: Basic aerobics exercises with variations set to your ability. Enjoy listening to music as you get a bit of exercise with your friends following along your aerobics instructor!

  • Yoga: Yoga is an excellent way to calm your body and stretch your muscles. All of the “asanas” or poses that are practiced at the center are modified or adapted to meet the needs of the student. Yoga asanas can be performed while seated in a chair or wheelchair.

  • Tai Chi: The slow and evenly paced movements of Tai Chi make it nicely adaptable to all individuals. Tai Chi is a great recipe for promoting overall health and well-being.

  • Wii Fitness Group: Join your friends for some Wii fun, including practicing your Wii bowling skills in preparation for the Wii bowling tournaments!

  • Walking Groups: We are located right by the beautiful Valley View Tow Path and offer several opportunities for both indoor and outdoor walking groups!